FSA A13 Amateur Any Doubles held at Port Charlotte SBC

AMATEUR Any DOUBLES – Pt.Charlotte SBC – 01/12/2018
Sponsor: Pt. Charlotte SC
Main (23)Teams

1. Ron Hargis – Michael Smith . . . . . . . Riverwoods Plant/Riverwoods

2. Nick Killinger – Donna Blom . . . . . . . . . Citrus Park/Lee County

3. Wayne Benson – Julianna Hogye . . . . . . . .Jamaica Bay/Red Coconut

4. Tom Light – Ralph Gruver . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Citrus Park


1. Pierre Marcotte – Jack Norton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lee County

2. Annette Everling – Bill Labranche . . . . Pt. Charlotte/Pt Charlotte

3. Ken Klochack – Marge Klochack . . . . . . . . . . . .Imperial Bonita

4. Phil Neil – Bob Larochelle . . . . . . . . . .Lee County/Jamaica Bay Tournament Director(s): Ed O’Neal

Thanks to Glenn Monroe for sending this along.  Stan 2018 01 13

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Helen Biaggi Shares a Most Rewarding Story Re her Friend Dianna

Dianna’s partner-Dave-Boncher-who of course held-up his-end

Helen Biaggi Speaks:  It was the third game in the quarters of the Pro draw tournament held at Lee County. The teams were on court 18 battling for the win.
The score was 67-60; Dianna was shooting black and had the hammer at the foot. Her opponent had two good sevens on and Dianna had two good sevens on. The score is now 81-74. Dianna needed an eight to win the game by 1 Point. She had a disc on the line separating the eights. She studied the court for some time adding the scores in her head to make sure she had it right. She took her final shot and doubled the eights making the final score 81-90. There were cheers at Lee County as Dianna became a Hall of Fame Player in our District.

Helen Biaggi!!  2018 01 13.


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Back to CDA12 in Lakeland. We introduce 3 Amateur Gentlemen.

Keeping with my philosophy that we should spend more time and money on the Amateurs, I selected at random, 3 competitors in the Central District Amateur Tournament, CDA12 held at Lakeland on Jan 11th and Jan 12th, 2018.

Wayne Edgett: Wayne is from New Brunswick, and winters in Hillcrest RV Park near Zephyrhills. He has shuffled for 8 years in his park; however; only about 3 years in District Tournaments.

Jerry Miller has shuffled in Di Tournaments about 1 year. He has shuffled 8 years in Park Events. Points earned in this tournament will make him eligible for State Am Status. Jerry now lives full time at the Sandpiper Resort near Lakeland. He enjoys the competitive aspect of Di Tournaments, AND says he meets a lot of Wonderful people.
Bob Nix is experiencing his very first Tournament. He has been coming to FL for 3 years, and hails from Sarnia, Ontario where he lives full time in the Bluewater Country Park. Bob shuffles at Bluewater in the summer months. His park has 8 courts.

Stan McCormack 2018 01 12.  Click to see how each made out in the District Amateur Tournament held in Lakeland on 2018 01 12.   https://theshuffler.net/2018/01/12/cda12-held-at-lakeland-club-on-2018-01-11-and-12-congratulations-to-all-shufflers-good-comptetition/  and REMEMBER AMATEURS,  I will be at Avon Park on Monday getting to know some of you better!!  I will select 3 Females first!!!!  Must be balanced and fair!!! lol  Avon Park is hosting A14A State Amateur Tournament > For All Amateurs in the State of Florida!!!  Come out and enjoy the history of the Avon Park Club House, one of the Very Best Club Houses!!!  22 Covered Courts.  YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU CAME!!  I almost forgot???  Lunch is available, with a history of being the BEST, the VERY BEST.

Ask President Tom Clayton if Dick Davis is present!!  Say HELLO to Dick and he will tell you a story!!!  HAVE A GREAT DAY; I will see you there!!  Stan McCormack.

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CDA12 held at Lakeland Club on 2018 01 11 and 12. Congratulations to All Shufflers!! Good Comptetition.

Jerry Miller and Ron Dawson, 1st Place


Di Am 3rd M. Bruce Nemcosky and Wayne Edgett

Di Am 4th Yvonne. Ponton and Lorraine Merrifield

Di Am 3rd C. Harvey and Pickerell

Di Am Cons. Bigam, Shilder, Dawson, and Maarquess  





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CDP12 Held at the Lakeland Courts. 2018 01 11 and 12.

1st in Cons., The Ever Popular Gabby and Heather Morgan

Lois McC. and Harold Cunningham take 2nd in Cons.

Great Action on the Courts!!  Well managed tournament.

Stan McCormack > who carried Lois’s Cue!!! Now I know how Larry Brown feels!! lol

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FSA HALL OF FAME!! WE WILL BE THERE!! This Monday, 2018 01 15

THE SHUFFLER: The significance of any recognition by one’s peers is enriched by history. The FSA (Florida Shuffleboard Association) does indeed have a significant history and a major component of that history is the FSA HOF (HALL OF FAME). THE PREVIEW, the organization’s official magazine now in its 90th year, lists 204 members by reason of achieving 200 “Pro Points” or by serving as an executive of the FSA. (See page 7 of the 2017–2018 Preview. Also listed are 56 Special Awards granted for outstanding Administrative or Promotional contributions. This year, 2017-2018, will see the addition of 4 names to the Player List and 1 to the Special Award, President’s List.
• 1. Dave Kudro
2. Linda Marshman
3. Tara Goldman. (Sorry, no workable pic)
4. Glenna Earle
5. Landy Adkins (President’ Award
• Between now and January 15th, the date of the Awards Banquet and HOF inductions, THE SHUFFLER will provide you with interesting information relevant to what is considered by many to be the high point of their shuffling career. We hope and expect to provide you with Induction Remarks for each of the Inductees. This will not be possible until the individual is “presented” to the Membership on January 15th.

Stan of THE SHUFFLER 2018 01 12

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Myrna BIlton may have an unusual first name. P15B

Myrna Bolton may have an unusual first name (by some shufflers), but her game was not unusual this week. She showed off her subtle game style by streaking to first place in the Ladies division with partner Linda McRae. Other than two SWCD ladies, Joyce Marquis (second place) and Flo Kowalewski (third Place), the Lee County Area Ladies dominated all other places including a sweep in consolation.

In the Men’s division. Roy Babcock and Bill Lemay ‘Kitchened’ there way to first place. Is it possible to score more ‘kitchens’ than hammers in a tournament?? If so, these two Lee County area players did! There ‘touch’ was uncanny, as they ‘Cooked’ there way thru the competition. Lee County players also placed 7 players in the group of 16. The SWCD placed all the other 9 places lead by Ron Nurnberger & Mike Marquis who took second.


Reporting for the FSA, Ron Nurnberger.

Ed O’Neal was the TD while Drs. Habuda & Campbell were the sponsors.

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