WeTell You Who Placed 1st and 2nd in Tropical Haven PO7B; FSA Mixed Doubles. Complete Results For PO7A and B.

Strong and Brake defeat Ball and Marshman in the State Mixed Doubles to take 1st place. .

Strong and Brake defeat Ball and Marshman in the State Mixed Doubles to take 1st place.

Zephyrhills top two mixed Shuffleboard teams; Henry Strong & Glenda Brake, along with Earl Ball & Linda Marshman, traveled to Melbourne to play the Florida Shuffleboard Associations State Mixed Championship and wound up playing each other for supremacy. 

Strong and Brake prevailed as both Ball and Marshman missed game winning hammers in the 1st game.  After they couldn’t close out the game, Strong shot two of Ball’s disc’s in the kitchen putting them in a hole they couldn’t climb out of. 

In the 2nd game they threw dirt in the hole insuring victory.  Ball and Marshman drew into a hornet’s nest forcing them to take out some of the game’s best but Strong and Brake played a top team to make the finals.  Great for Zephyrhills Shuffleboard.

For the complete results, go here: http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/Tournaments/P07B_Results.txt   For PO7A, go here: http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/Tournaments/P07A_Results.txt 

Sent along by Earl Ball WITH THANKS.  Posted by Stan 2016 11 16.

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Come Shuffle at Avon Park!! Ams and Pros, All Districts. Prerigister for the Davis Memorial.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhy You Will Enjoy the 2016 (Black Friday) Davis Memorial.  2016 11 25.

George and Clara Davis

George and Clara Davis

George and Clara Davis were active in Shuffleboard when their Club, the Avon Park Club had a membership of 649!!  Many years ago, son Dick Davis made the decision to host a Memorial Tournament, in their honor, on the Day Following Thanksgiving, Black Friday; Nov. 25th in 2016.   

Avon Park Shuffleboard Club, at 109 East Main Street, is a fine Shuffling Facility!  To lead off the list of appealing features, let me begin with location!! Could it be any better ~ I think not?  The Shuffling Facility is pleasantly situated on the main street of Avon Park, The City of Charm.  The Club House is directly across the street from Avon Park’s City Hall, almost as though the city fathers had chosen the location to compliment City Hall and to send a message of warmth and welcome to all who elect to become members.  Immediately to the east of the Club House is a park, a park replete with covered benches, with Palm Trees, and yes, the Park has been designed to take full benefit of the small Lake and sandy shores.  Weather permitting you will find many shufflers enjoying their lunch in Donaldson Park.

ralph-dayruth-tateDavis Memorial long time Tournament Director and prime organizer Ralph Day is seriously ill, in the hospital.   Please keep Ralph in your prayers.

This year the Tournament will be directed by Ruth Tate.  Ruth is an experienced director and a strong supporter of the Davis Memorial.  Ruth will do a fine job.

Three 16 frame games are played before lunch; lunch is served and 3 more 16 frame games are played. Number of wins are recorded and the total # if points of those who won.  Excellent prize money is paid out to the TOP 6 Players in both Amateur and Pros. This Tournament is Open to Everyone, regardless of District.  The Player Fee is $10.00 which includes your lunch. You may pay upon arrival. 

REGISTER NOW: E-mail Don Rood at: rooddon@hotmail.com or telephone 863-458-3518. PREREGISTRATION IS ESSENTIAL!!!!

2015 Davis Mem DickA BIG Thank You to Dick Davis who sponsors this event annually!!

The Avon Park Club House is an historic building in everything except its designation!!  It was moved to the present site from a military facility east of the City.  In earlier times the Club had a membership of 650.  In earlier times the Club House was the hub of social activity for those 600 members, a fact we are reminded of as we review the photos displayed in the newly renovated office at one end of the building.  Reflect on the enjoyment as you read a small portion of a poem written by George Davis from that period: 

Where craft is taught to those of skill, and many beautiful articles are made,

Where there are entertainments; of every sort, and picture slides displayed. 

Where dances both round and square, are held two nights a week,

Where a chance to win at all games of cards many players seek. 

Where Bingo games and Pot Luck suppers, are held once every week,

Where our good cooks from the north and east, bring twice what we can eat.

Posted by Stan McCormack.  2016 11 16.  REMEMBER;  REGISTER WELL IN ADVANCE!

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You May Wish to Sign Mel Erb’s Memorial Guest Book. Mel left us on 2016 11 03.

img_0372-mel-erb-dave-kudroMel Erb’s Memorial Guest Book will remain open until Dec 5th, 2016.  If you would like to review the entries AND/OR leave an expression of support, go here: http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/timesreporter/melvin-l-erb-condolences/182343491?&eid=sp_gbupdate 

You may also wish to read:  hall-of-fame-player-mel-erb  .

Mel was also inducted into the Southwest Coast District HOF.  In fact the first official act of the newly launched SWC District Hall of Fame was to induct Mel Erb of Ohio and Pinecraft, a top player during the past two decades.  Mel thanked all those who made this honor possible, including the SWCD Board, all his partners over the years and his many friends and well-wishers.  Mrs. Anne Erb and Mel received a standing ovation from the players and officials at the tournament.

Stan McCormack.  2016 11 16.


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John Brown, Article 5, 2016-2017: “THANKFULNESS FOR TOURNAMENT SPONRORS.





          With national Thanksgiving season upon us, shuffleboard players and fans should remember to be thankful for those who sponsor our tournaments regularly.  Many of our sponsors are commercial ventures who seek and deserve our patronage. Sponsors appreciate our patronage.  Remember to thank them verbally too, so they know you care.  Some of our sponsors are private individuals who want to bless our efforts.  Thank them too, and consider sponsoring yourself, if it seems good to you.  Sponsor money goes to enrich the otherwise modest prize money for winning play.

     This column last week named the wrong player as captain of the World Champions USA-NSA East ladies team.  The actual captain was Kathy Brennan of Pennsylvania and Clearwater, known to many readers and players here.  Kathy is also Curator of the USA-NSA Shuffleboard Museum in Clearwater.

     Last column also stated that Tri-Par is getting all 24 shuffle courts replaced, but since then at a special meeting, it was decided to cut the number of courts to only 12 or 16. This will make it unlikely that tournament play will survive there as waiting on courts proves unpopular to players. Tri-Par served as a host tournament venue for more than half a century.

     Brad Thomas of Bradenton Shuffle Club has proposed a movement to create new interest in Shuffleboard by producing a CD of how to play the game correctly, and perhaps a statement by leading contenders today on their favorite sayings and/or memories.  Brad accepted leadership of this potential movement at the Nov. 9 District Meeting.   All are invited to an organizational meeting at Bradenton Shuffle Club, Saturday, Nov. 19 at 9:00 a.m.

Happy Shuffling!


FL P-6B Nov. 7 at Port Charlotte, M/L Doubles. Ladies Main: 1.Nancy Sclafani-Joyce Marquis, 4. Pam Nurnberger.  Men’s Main: 1. Faren VanDeGrift-Jim Miller, 2. Dwayne Cross-Gerry Curwin, 3. Jerry Stannard-Ralph Lozano.  Consolation: 2. Dave Kudro-Jerry Everett, 3. Stan Kowalewski.

SWCD D-6 at Bradenton, Nov. 10, M/L Doubles Restricted to Pros and State Ams, 75 points.  Men’s Main: 1. Ron Nurnberger-Jerry Everett, 2. Gerry Curwin-Mike Marquis, 3. Jim Miller-Clarence Gingerich, 4.Grant Childerhose-Joe Kent.  Consolation: 1. Bill Tice-Charlie Hearn, 2. John L. Brown-Stan Kowalewski, 3. Bill Batdorff-Darrel Blake, 4. Bill Jenkins-Phil Krick.  Ladies Main: 1. Letha DeVries-Marlene Coburn, 2. Adriana Cramton-Pat Tomko, 3. Kathy Smith-Linda Wallingford, 4. Terri Smith-Marilyn Everett.  Consolation: 1. Pam Nurnberger-Judy Taylor, 2. Flo Kowalewski-Lois Wegner, 3. Evelyn White-Bonnie Walker, 4. Cheryl Putnam-Paula Jacobson.

SWCD A-3 at Bradenton, Nov. 11, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 16 frames/75 points, played as singles.  Main: 1. Frank Marderosian, 2. Dave Evenson, 3. Jane Baldwin, 4. John Hechinger.  Consolation: 1. Kathy Kendall, 2. Janice O’Sullivan, 3. Helen Lunsford, 4. Jim Lessard.


Today is the third day of FL P-7A at Bradenton, M/L Dbls, 75 points. And FL P-7B at Melbourne Tropical  Haven, Mixed doubles. Also FL A-4A at Lee County and FL A-4B at Betmar, Any Ams/Any doubles.

THURSDAY  Nov. 17, SWCD D-7 at Trailer Estates, Open Doubles/ M/L, 16 frames/75 points.

FRIDAY Nov.18, SWCD A-4 at Trailer Estates, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 16 frames/75 points, no points for State Ams.

MONDAY Nov. 21, FL P-8A at Lakeland, P-8B at Bradenton, Mixed Doubles.

                  Also, Nov. 2 FL A-5 at Pinellas Park, State-Sponsored Amateurs singles, N/W, 12 frames.  No Lunch.  Note:  PREVIEW correct; our published schedule changed.

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Talent!! So Many Shufflers Have It; Issue 2.

It is time to remind you of the SIGNIFICANT AND VARRIED TALENT our SHUFFLERS HAVE >> and are willing to share!! Click on the blue link.

The Celebration Is Over! The Adventure Begins

As per my request at the end of the 1st issue; other talented shufflers were identified!!  Great; keep sending along your favourites!

The first person identified/suggested: “At Lakeside one year, we were OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsinging after having a nice dinner near the water and to my left I heard this beautiful voice.   I turned and I was amazed to see Bill Pollock.”  The occasion was the 25th ISA in Lakeside, OH and we were indeed, enjoying a dinner on the lawn, overlooking beautiful Lake Erie!!  Please note that Bill was accompanied by none other than the Ruthie at our 50thtalented Ruthie Brown.  Ruthie also performed at our 50th Wedding Anniversary (Stan and Lois).  Click on pix to expand. Thanks to Gus Bondi for sending along this recommendation.  To enjoy a Slide Show from this dinner, click: http://photopeach.com/album/9ytn9f

120121I now give you another example of “talent +”: This time we have an individual performing “the impossible”!! 

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36th National Western; We Give You The Final Results!! 2016 11 14

AB Grizzlies, 1st Place! Jack Sell, Team Manager is in back row, extreme right. Beside his is Lynn Bell, Team Captain.

AB Grizzlies, 1st Place! Jack Sell, Team Manager is in back row, extreme right. Beside him is Lynn Bell, Team Captain.

The Alberta Grizzlies Team won the 2016 Western Shuffleboard Association (WSA) tournament with a team average of .681! The Colorado Rockies Team came in 1st in Division II with a team average of .595 & the Arizona Longshots Team came in 1st in Division III with a team average of .513. Photos of team members to follow.

Here are the Final Results: western-results-2016-11-14

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George and Landy have given a great deal of their life, dedication, and service to the sport we all so love “Shuffleboard”.

A Tribute to George and Landy Adkins by FSA 1st Vice President Dave Kudro.

A Tribute to George and Landy Adkins by FSA 1st Vice President Dave Kudro.

The Florida State Shuffleboard Association chose to feature, on the cover of the 2016-2017 Preview, the first Madame President and first Gentleman George Adkins.
Landy became FSA President beginning with the 2015-2016 season with her faithful husband George, who like Landy, has been a major contributor to shuffleboard. Unfortunately prior to the publication George had passed away September 16, 2016.

George and Landy celebrated their 35th year anniversary on July 7th, 2014.  George will be postomously inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame January  26, 2017 at Hawthorne in Leesburg Fl.

George’s first shuffleboard tournament was in 2000 at London Ontario playing against our own, “theshuffler.net” Blogger Stan McCormack. I guess true to his form, Stan was a positive influence on George as he  continued shuffling achieving Pro and Expert in Florida and Ohio in 2002. George served on the FSA Southwest district board and also as the President when all existing officers decided to step down. George was given the honor of being inducted into the   Sothern District Hall of Fame. George served on several FSA standing committees excelling on the Rules & Regulations committee for 12 years. George played in 4 International Shuffleboard Association tournaments and played on the US East Coast team. George also served as the National Shuffleboard Association  (NSA) treasurer for over 6 years. National Hall of Fame service award. Served 6 years on Rules and Regulations, Constitution and By-laws Ohio state Hall of Fame service award.

Besides being the First woman to become FSA President, Landy’s accomplishments go hand in hand with George’s. FSA Southern District state delegate 3 years, Southern District Hall of Fame service award. Ohio state served  2 years 2nd Vice President, 3 years 1st Vice President and President for 3 years. NSA secretary for 4 years. 3rd Vice President 2 years and not only as a National Hall of Fame service award but also as a player. Several years playing in the ISA Singles and East Coast USA team. Landy served as 3rd Vice President, 2nd Vice President , 1st Vice President to now President of the FSA. During the 100 years shuffleboard celebration, Landy was presented the MVP (Most Valuable Person) award.   Landy also has played in several State Masters tournaments and is recognized for her playing and is in the FSA Hall of Fame .

As you can see from the aforementioned, George and Landy have given a great deal of their life, dedication, and service to the sport we all so love “Shuffleboard”.

David Kudro

1st Vice President

Florida Shuffleboard Association  (FSA)

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