A Most Successful Day of Shuffling at the Golden Acres Shuffle Club of Blenheim, ON. 2016 08 24. Sent Along by Roger Kellam.


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The Golden Acres Shuffle Club of Blenheim, On held their first Mingles/ Singles tournament this past Wednesday (2016 08 24) with 56 players participating with many coming from various cities around southwestern Ontario to join with club members.

Four of the top 5 winners on the “Pro” side were members of the host club with Art Scott winning 5 games with a  total score of 472. John Shewburg had 444 points followed by Marj Taylor with 313, Linda Armstrong had 297 and Glen Peltier had 4 wins and 416 points to round out the top five. On the “Amateur” side, Gene Brenders and Sheila Brown both won all six of their games with Gene scoring 485 points and Sheila followed with 442. The next 3 winners came from the host club again with Kyrs Papps winning 5 games and accumulated 421 points while Ron Sullivan had 356 points. John Roadhouse rounded out the top 5 with 4 wins and 371 points. Fun was had by all and many look forward to coming back in 2017 to play in the 16 court facility.

Sent along by Roger Kellam with THANKS!!  2016 08 25.

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HENDERSONVILLE NC SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB Tournament Results for Tournament 14, 2016 08 23 & 24.

Hendersonville NC

Hendersonville NC

HENDERSONVILLE NC SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB; Tournament #14   August 23 & 24

Sponsored by: Coleman Freeman Auto Sales & Merrill Paint and Decorating 

Men’s Division


  1. Lyle Walker – Bob Andrews
  2. Dave Wenger – Al Buffum
  3. Joe Cote – Bud Wilber
  4. Jay Fitzpatrick – Harold Thorne


  1. Asa Lett – Phil Insinga
  2. Charlie Adams – Charlie Gleason
  3. Tom Eastman – John Knapp
  4. Ed Parker – Lois Feldman 

Ladies Division


  1. Sue Insinga – Pat Knapp
  2. Lynda King – Jan Thyssen
  3. Dorie Baker – Carol Adams
  4. Betty Loveland – Alandra Schuurman 


  1. Joann Landry – Sandi Quinn
  2. Katy Walker – Nancy Andrews
  3. Joyce Radcliff – Gail Chase
  4. Margaret Pearson – Cathy Lawson 

Tournament Director: Sandie Morton

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Shuffleboard Article by Dale Monday!! Palm Gardens Mesa, Arizona. Great Evidence that Shuffleboard Keeps You “Young”!

The Palm Gardens Mobil Home and RV Park in Mesa, AZ has two “young” shufflers. Jack Miller is 93 years young and Wendell Holmes is 97 years young. Both shufflers have been shuffling with the club during its three year existence. They have only missed a few of the scheduled three days a week scheduled play times. Both Jack and Wendell finished in the top six of 35 shufflers in our August Fun Night.Sheila Monday



The club was started by Sheila and Dale Monday, Bob Mason, Dean Haske and Sid Barone to provide the parks year round residents an opportunity to get out of their houses and socialize with other residents during the hot summer days. The Palm Gardens Owners and the Activities Association each donated one court and a third court was provided by a private donation. The attendance at each scheduled session ranges between 15 and 24 people and each month the club organizes a “Fun Night” in which fun type shuffle games are played and a dinner with an award ceremony is provided. These “fun Nights” attract between 45 and 55 people.

Because of our success with the program, Val Vista Village started a summer program this year and we are hoping other parks/resorts will start programs next summer so we can possible start a summer league.

Article submitted by: Dale Monday email: d_Monday32@hotmail.com  


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11.6 Million Canadians Viewed Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip!!

Gord Downie performs during the Man Machine Poem tour. (Photograph by Nick Iwanyshyn)

Gord Downie performs during the Man Machine Poem tour. (Photograph by Nick Iwanyshyn)

Canada came to a halt as 11.6  million viewers, that is one third of our population, enjoyed the Tragically Hip on Sat., August 20th, 2016. CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) ran the 2 hour plus concert held in Kingston, ON with no interruptions, NOT ANY!!   Our Prime Minister attended the Concert.

The event was broadcast by the CBC and screened in public parks, outside city halls, and in theatres and bars across the country. Outside of an Olympic hockey game, it’s hard to imagine an event of any kind—never mind a musical one—that could bind so many corners of this country together.  The audience in the parks and city halls was over and above the 11.6 million viewers!!!  The CBC put their coverage of the Olympics on hold until after the event concluded!!

WHY, AMERICAN SHUFFFLERS MAY ASK??:  Tragically Hip Leader and Singer Gord Downie was recently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  The group wound up their Canadian Tour at their Home Town of Kingston, ON and it was this Concert, perhaps their final which attracted the attention.

Donations to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research will give Sunnybrook the tools to help beat brain cancers that are currently unbeatable. Right now we’re investigating new drugs, surgical techniques and genetic therapies. We’re using ultrasound to help drugs reach tumours that couldn’t be reached before. Your support will help us conduct groundbreaking research that benefits patients not only at Sunnybrook, but across Canada and around the world.  Go here is YOU would like to support brain cancer research:  https://donate.sunnybrook.ca/braincancerresearch  AS of 2016 08 22 $265,000 has been donated.

Rushton David  Dini  NSDavid Rushton Speaks: Today more than ever, I want the cure for cancer!! There is a personal reason to ask everyone to put this message on your status for at least 1 hour. I know who will put it! Think of someone you love who had cancer or is at this time fighting. My wish is that in 2016 the cure is found. I hope to see this on the status of all my friends.

Posted by Stan McCormack.  2016 08 22.

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Melody and George Potter of Yahk, BC report on a most successful tournament!!

Back row, left to right, Consolation Winners; 3rd place Dale Schatz from Summerland BC 2nd place John Volk from Cranbrook BC. Front row left to right, Championship Winners: 3rd place Jane McWillie from Airdrie Alta. 2nd place Alice Archer from Regina SK 1st place Marilyn Sanders from Cranbrook BC1st place Doug Sanders from Cranbrook BC

Back row, left to right, Consolation Winners; 3rd place Dale Schatz from Summerland BC 2nd place John Volk from Cranbrook BC.    Front row left to right, Championship Winners: 3rd place Jane McWillie from Airdrie AB; 2nd place Alice Archer from Regina SK; 1st place Marilyn Sanders from Cranbrook BC; 1st place Doug Sanders from Cranbrook BC

Melody and George Potter of Yahk, BC report on a most successful tournament!!

George and Melody Potter.

George and Melody Potter.

Melody speaks:  George and I have played shuffleboard for 6 or 7 years and just love the game. We have played in Norway and England on group trips arranged by Beth and Jim Allen. Now we want to introduce summer shuffling to the Kootenays of BC, here in our hometown of Yahk, 77 kms west of Cranbrook.  We had 24 entrants, 4 from Yahk, 8 from Cranbrook 2 from Summerland BC 5 from SK 4 from AB and 1 from Yuma AZ.  (Click on pic of George and Melody)

The Yahk/Kingsgate Community Hall made a perfect venue for our event. Our roll out boards worked well on the hall’s beautiful hardwood floor. And their outdoor kitchen with a large covered patio allowed us to have Monday night’s dinner outside among the beautiful tall evergreens. We served a country style meal…burgers, corn on the cob, salad and home made baked beans, with Arizona lemon pie and wild huckleberry tiramisu for dessert. The Yahk /Kingsgate Recreation Society helped us by offering lunch  for sale at the hall Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Yahk is a very small town, more of a village really. Our tournament brought 3 couples locally to the motel, 2 rv’s dry camped at the hall and the others stayed in Creston, 25 minute drive west of Yahk. 

I had some trouble getting photos to send, but did manage to get this one of the 6 winners…the happiest group of tournament winners that I have ever seen. It was just that kind of event….everyone had a great time!   ALSO NOTE: Also note, both first places were won by husband and wife, good going Mr & Mrs Sanders!

George and I really enjoyed hosting this tournament, with our good friend Dennis Kerr from Cranbrook acting as Tournament Director. Dennis did a great job on the charting for 24 people, no one had a buy. We played down to 6 Consolation and 6 Championship and then they played each other and won the positions by points won in their games.

We are already planning for next year’s tournament, and looking forward to seeing everyone again back in Yahk.

To refresh your memory of the Norway Inaugural, go here: https://theshuffler.net/2013/06/25/n-american-shufflers-arrive-in-norway/  To refresh your memory of England, enter the word Norwich into the small rectangle at the top of the window, top right, AND then hit search.

Report sent along by Melody Potter with THANKS!!

Stan McCormack.  2016 08 22.

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Olympics End!! Brazil Wins the Gold for Foot Ball!!! 2016 08 21

05 09 24 banquet and windup 059If you believe the OLYMPIANS are having a good time, click on the link to share the GREAT TIME we experienced on the occasion of the 24th ISA in Brazil!!  http://photopeach.com/album/7q1f8y  AN UPDATE:  I am now adding a large multi page file containing all of the Reports I blogged from Rio: ALL RIO ARTICLES IN ONE FILE


All Brazilians will be proud of their 1st place finish in Foot Ball!!  (Rio 2016 Olympics)  Germany too can be proud of their Silver Medal!!!

Pix by Stan (I should have been dancing!!!! lol)  2016 08 21

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Football at the 2016 Rio Olympics!! Canada Wins Bronze!!

Canada Bronze FootballFootball was front and centre to-day!  The match was played in Sao Paulo which explains in part why the stadium was filled with YELLOW!!  Notwithstanding the strong support of those in the audience, the Canadian Team ended up “on top”, a win which will give them a Bronze Medal!! Final Score was Two for Canada, One for Brazil!!!   BERNAR: You will have an opportunity to “make it up” when  you get to St Cloud!!  lol

I have to share with you that the Canadian Women lost to Germany in the previous game.  Germany will now play for Gold.

Stan McCormack. 2016 08 19



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