The FSA State Masters Have Been Placed on “Hold”. See below: 2017 04 06.

We Give You A Message From State Tournament Director, Glenn Monroe.

“Play has been interrupted for tornado/severe thunderstorm warnings. We will try to resume this afternoon.”

Posted by Stan McCormack. 2017 04 06 11:13.


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You May Wish to Take A Look at the 2016 FSA Masters to compare with the 2017 Masters.

I thought you might to take a quick look back to the 2016 Masters, at the same time,, that is, after 6 Rounds:

With regard to the 2017 MASTERS, I have added pix to the 2nd Slide Show; you may with to take a look:  All pix sent along by Joan Buck.


Stan McCormack. 2017 04 06.  In Calabogie Ontario.

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FSA Masters Report #4 by Linda Rebhholz. 2017 04 05; Spanish Lakes, Fort Pierce FL

Linda at the OPENING with 3 Richards: L to R: Richard Stonecipher, past president-Central East Coast district; Richard Hegedorn-president Spanish Lakes Country Club Shuffleboard Club; Richard Anderson-president Central East Coast District.


 As we started into day 3, I thought of the ones who are playing in their first Masters. Back in 2010 at the Masters in Vero Beach, I talked with the first time players there. Each man and woman plays their best all season to win points with a goal of being in the top eight.
I cornered Dean Myklejord as he was eating lunch with Glenn Monroe. Dean is the President of the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club in the Central District. Dean played in the District Masters. When asked how it felt to be playing his first State Masters, his first comment was “it feels good to play with the big boys”. Doesn’t that sound like a man!!! Dean also admitted to being nervous but feels that he is playing well.  Also being a newly wed, Dean misses his wife Nancy, who had to return to Canada..
Joyce Smith is one of two ladies playing for the first time. She is joined by her friend Allie Enos. (Joyce on the left, Allie on the right) Both play at Lee County and I talked with them together.  Joyce stated that on the first day, her stomach was in “knots” and she was a “nervous wreck”. She calmed down on the second day and began having fun. Starting on the second day she has won 2 from each opponent. She complimented the SLCCV for a fabulous job and feels the Masters is running smoothly.
Allie Enos is an upbeat person and feels “very blessed and honored” to be playing. She said she was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect. Now she is totally relaxed and enjoying herself. She feels she is also playing well and was thrilled to take one game from each of the two top players. As in all Masters, she had to play against her friend Joyce in the afternoon and I was assigned as score keeper. It went one and one with Allie taking the third. We had a lot of laughs as they kidded each other.
Good luck to all players,
Linda Rebholz.  2017 04 05 21:25.
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2017 FSA MASTERS: We Give You The Standings at the end of Round 6. 2017 04 05

Thank You to State TD Glenn Monroe for sending along the Standings: Click on pic at left to expand.  I now give you an article about Glenn that I wrote in 2009; Glenn was the President of the Central District of FL at that time.  GLENN MONROE AS PRESIDENT OF THE CENTRAL DISTRICT

Standings as of the end of Round 6: LR6  and for the Men: MR6

I now give you a “Look Back” to the 2010 by Linda Rebholz: FINAL DAY OF THE FSA MASTERS AT VERO BEACH FL

Your Current Leader in the Ladies: Terri was Nancy Sclafani’s partner when Nancy won her final points to qualify for the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame.  If you watch Terri you can’t help but be impressed.  Not only does she have the game but everything about her exudes Class and Success.  She has somewhere around 150 points but you can just tell there are 500 in the future!  She has great support in her significant other Dave Kudro(none of us can figure out how he got her) because there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do or any place he wouldn’t go to see her succeed.  Can you say super, she’s already a star!  I believe a gentleman by the name of BALL, is responsible for the comments re Terri.

I thought it appropriate to share “sentiments” of the current Male leader;    NOTE: I said “current leader”.  We all know this event IS NOT OVER UNTIL IT IS OVER!!  Click: Allen shares his reaction to his FIRST MASTERS IN 2015

Finally, here is a link to a short Slide Show >> Pix courtesy of Joan Buck.

Posted by Stan McCormack. 2017 04 05 17:09


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2017 FSA MASTERS; We Give You the Standings Following Round 5. 2017 04 05

To bring up the charts sent along by State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe, click on the links:  Ladies:  LR5 2017 masters fsa   Men:  MR5 Men round 5, 2017 Masters

I have added pix to the Slide Show of Tuesday, April 4th.  Accordingly you MAY wish to have a 2nd look.   

Those following the 2017 MASTERS, may find this article of some interest:   OTHERS may find this article by then FSA President Glen Peltier interesting: FSA PRESIDENT LAMENTS HIS INABILITY TO ATTEND

Posted by Stan McCormack, 2017 04 05 12:57



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Charlie Crank Has Left Us; May He Rest In Peace.

Our Condolences to Rosemary Otmar and the Family of Charlie Crank.  Charlie passed away on April 2nd, shortly after being admitted to hospital.  He will be missed by all of his Shuffleboard Friends.  Charlie and Rosemary met on the Courts, and were married on the Courts on October 6th, 2012.  Both were avid Shufflers.

Charlie was born in Ohio and came to Florida about 30 years ago.  He lived in Texas for a short time but there was no place like Florida.

Charlie has 4 children, 2 on the east coast, 1 in Texas and 1 in Ohio.  He has a brother in Yule, Florida.  He was an amateur pilot, avid golfer and loved the game of shuffleboard where he met his wife Rosemary.

From Florida Shufflers; Rosemary, our thoughts and prayers are with you.   2017 04 05.


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Clarence Lavern (Vern) Zillyett, Arizona Shuffler leaves us. May he rest in peace.

Vern Zillyett of Montesano passed away Monday, March 27, 2017, in Mesa Ariz., following a short illness. Vern was born to Clarence Otto and Delia Ellen (Baker) Zillyett April 26, 1939, in Elma, Wash. He was the first-born of four children.

Vern started his schooling in Oakville, Wash., then moved with his family to Schafer’s Camp, about two miles above Grisdale. One year later, he moved to Schafer’s Roundhouse (current location of Vaughan Chopper Pumps) and attended Olympic View School in Brady through the eighth grade. He then went on to graduate from Montesano High School in 1957.

While in school, Vern excelled as an athlete in football, basketball, and baseball. In his junior year, Vern joined the Army Reserves, serving for 7 1/2 years.

After high school, Vern started working for Early Tire in Aberdeen, Wash., then worked in the truck shop at Weyerhaeuser for a few years before taking a position with Pop and Buster Rose’s Mill Log Equipment in Springfield, Ore. He then took a position with Weyerhaeuser in Longview, Wash., as the shop foreman at the Camp Baker location at Mount St. Helens. He was in that position until the mountain erupted in 1980 and wiped out the camp. Vern then ventured up to Alaska, working as the shop foreman for Valentine Logging and Phoenix Logging. After leaving Alaska, Vern started, Vern’s Expediting Service, where he bought and sold heavy equipment parts for the logging industry.

In retirement, Vern and his wife Dee have enjoyed wintering in Arizona, where they both are widely respected shuffleboard players. Vern was recently awarded the District IV President’s Award for his many contributions to the game on the local, district, and state levels. He has been a District Director, served on the Rules Committee at the Arizona State Level, and has held the positon of President of the Washington State Shuffleboard Association. Vern volunteered countless hours to ensure all tournaments in which he was involved ran smoothly. He was also a member of the V.F.W., Longview Elks and the Montesano Moose Lodges. The Senior Center in Montesano will certainly miss his presence in the spring and summer, as he always had the coffee on bright and early, before anyone else was out of bed.

Vern is survived by his wife, Dee of the family home; children, Connie (Kevin) Smith of Kelso, Wash.; Jody (Tom) Harper of New Zealand; Lori (Pat) McMahon of Spokane; Theresa (Bryan) Oleachea of Montesano, Wash.; Ken McBride of Satsop, Wash.; and Lisa (Brendan) O’Neil of Charlotte, N.C.; a sister, Carolyn Randall of Olympia, Wash.; brothers Marvin and Edwin Zillyett of Montesano; eleven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

A memorial service will be held Sunday, April 9, at 2 p.m., at the Montesano Church of God with a reception following at the Montesano Senior Center. Memorial donations may be made to the Montesano Senior Center, P.O. Box 524, Montesano, WA, 98563; the Montesano Volunteer Fire Department, 310 E. Pioneer Avenue, Montesano, WA 98563; or the charity of one’s choice.

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