Sebastian Runge Is Recovering From a Heart Attack!!

Sebastian in Hospital

Sebastian Expects to be Released on Fri, but until then, share his diet!!!

Readers who are regular followers of Face Book will know that Sebastian Runge suffered a heart attack. The Good News is he had two stents put in and is on the “mend”!

The translation of Sebastian’s comment of Face Book reads: Not completely unexpected, but quite surprising then: There’s one in the morning, goes to the cardiologist shortly afterwards in the ambulance with flashing lights in the hospital at noon and already has two stents in the heart. Okay, I’m still alive! 

I am sure that all Shufflers, World Wide will be thinking of you Sebastian, and will be hoping for a Quick Return to Normalcy!! 

Stan McCormack for Shufflers World Wide.   2017 06 13.

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Henry Strong Celebrates His 71st Birthday!! Henry is “not only” a great shuffler; See Below!!

CNSA Past President Henry Strong and wife Geraldine. Henry will be 71 on June 14th, 2017

Remarks by Henry Strong Worth Remembering; Worth Repeating.

As we grow older we realize that a $300 watch and a $30 watch both tell the same time.  And the hangover is the same from a $300 bottle of wine as from a $10 bottle of wine.

It’s not the price tag that adds value to your life; rather it is how we treat other people that makes your life more complete and satisfying.

When you come to the ending of something in your life; it really is a chance for a new beginning.  Don’t start your day with broken pieces of yesterday and don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers; plant your own garden and celebrate your own life.

Be thankful for what you have and you will be given more.  Every day is not going to be a good day but there will always be some good in every day.  Every day starts with expectations and ends up with a new experience.

We need to be thankful for family and friends and appreciate their meaning in our lives.  I wish the new President and his Board all the best in the years to come.  Henry Strong. Outgoing CNSA President on 2016 06 01

AND MORE: Kenny Offenther Speaks About Henry Strong MVP Awarded    AND Henry Strong Archival Mat.  Earl Ball speaks.

Put together by Stan McCormack.  Happy Birthday Henry from All Of Us!!  2017 06 13.

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Jerry Schultz Leaves Us; May He Rest In Peace.

This message from Allen Dronsfield, Northern District, who mourns the passing of a Shuffler and Good Friend.

This comes by way of very, very heavy hearts for both Jan and I. I was informed this morning that Jerry Schultz has passed away. I was informed that Jerry had a massive stroke. Jerry and Gert have both been failing for sometime.

Having lived across the street from Jerry and Gert for some 12 years I had formed a very special bond with them. Jerry was instrumental in starting my interest in shuffleboard.
Jerry was a special person to all that he had met, reaching out to help many with their games both at Leesburg and Tavares. He helped in every way with both clubs keeping the courts going as well as the administration end.
Jan had come up with the idea a couple of years ago to have a Jerry Day, thank goodness he was still here to enjoy it. We never know when our time is up so without question or doubt we had Jerry’s Day at the right time.
I was also informed that there will be no memorial for Jerry and that the family wishes to have their privacy at this time.
I don’t have all the updated new members contact info, but then they would not have been lucky enough to have known Jerry.
Through this difficult time I suggest we remember all the great memories we have of Jerry and in those memories we celebrate the life of Jerry Schultz.
Allen Dronsfield.  2017 06 12.
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Mingles/Singles held on the Lakeland Courts winning the Championship was Mack Camaione!

Mack Camaione of the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club.


Earl Ball Speaks: Mack Camaione won 7 games and racked up over 400 points today at the Mingles/Singles held on the Lakeland Courts winning the Championship.  Many of you won’t know who Mack is.  He is an amateur member of the Lakeland Club and a good amateur.  Mack is a good person and I say that because the other amateurs tell me so.  He tries to help the new players and we have several, all Ladies.  He treats them well even when they lose games that they have won, and with Mack as their partner.  He smiles, encourages them, and tells them it’s OK.  It’s not often that so many, including me, speak so highly of a player.  Sometimes the good guys do win!

Earl Ball.  2017 06 12.

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Just last week, 2017 06 08, I received what appeared to be EXACTLY THE SAME CALL??? HANG UP FOLKS!! I know one Shuffler who DID NOT, and it cost him big time to have his computer repaired!!! Stan 2017 06 12

The Celebration Is Over! The Adventure Begins

Just received two telephone calls, one yesterday, and one to-day,  from someone telling me I had something wrong with my computer and I needed to be walked through the steps to fix it right away.

Yesterday I told him he was a Scam Artist and hung up  He called this morning, more determined, to convince me something was wrong!!
Microsoft, nor any other computer company, is going to call you on the phone looking for access to your computer to walk you through a security fix!!
Your internet service provider is not going to call you on the phone looking for access to your computer to walk you through a security fix!!
Bill Gates is not going to call you on the phone looking for access to your computer to walk you through a security fix.

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Adjustment of the WCD Summer Schedule! See Below For Details.

The West Coast District of the FSA has arranged for players to play three days a week at Ranch Mobile, Mobile Home Park,  while the Pinellas Park Senior Center Shuffleboard facility is being renovated. All level of players are welcome, and play is free Monday and Wednesday.

We play three, 10 frame singles games Monday and Wednesday at 9:30. On Friday, we play five games using the Mingle/singles format starting 9:00 AM. There is a five dollar tournament fee. (Bring your lunch).

Despite the heavy rains last Monday and Wednesday we hosted about 25 players each day in our enclosed facility. We look forward to seeing you through the summer. Bring your friends. New players are welcome and encouraged to join us.

See attached map for directions to Ranch Mobile.  WCD Website:  Click on the link for some interesting and informative articles by Stan Bober!!!  2017 06 12


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The “MandM” of Shuffleboard Celebrate their 47th Wedding Anniversary!!

Burnett’s and Perrotta’s Celebrating Another Anniversary Together.

For at least thirty five years, Murray and I have celebrated our anniversary with very special friends who share our anniversary date. Because our Centre Wellington Shuffleboard tournament opens on Tuesday June 13th (the actual date of our 47th anniversary), we celebrated on Saturday June 10th.  Usually, we go out to eat, but this year, we decided to host.  We have sold our family home of 32 years on Lake Belwood, and wanted a special memory this year.

This year has been very busy and stressful.  Murray’s 94 year old parents have been living on their own, but need to get into assisted living/nursing home care.  At present they cannot get the help required from CCAC, and family are taking turns going in and sleeping overnight.

We have sold our home, and will be moving to our new home in Fergus (closer to the shuffleboard courts).   

Murray has had health issues, and we cancelled our trip to Brazil.  That was hard, as we were really looking forward to going there.  Hopefully another opportunity comes up in the future.
So lots of changes, all at once.  But one things remains constant – we are so lucky to have each other, our family, our Canadian friends, our Florida friends, and our shuffleboard friends.  Each and everyone of you mean the world to us!

Cheers, Muriel & Murray Burnett  2017 06 11

Happy  Anniversary From All Shufflers:  You may wish to also read:  AND

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