ST. MI Battle Creek pro M/L dbls tourney results 2017 08 03 by Jerry Deren




main          men                                   consolation          men

1st   Lloyd Schmidt  Dwayne Cross          Marty McKendry  Bob Kendall
2nd  Don Hair  Carl Olmstead                   Larry & David Whalin
3rd   Ron Nurnberger Jim Miller              Jerry Deren  Larry Roan
4th   Gary McGaffey Tom Butzin               Kip Gomoll  Ray Miller

women                                                            women

1st   Janet Casselman  Carol Healey                 Odessa Miller Cindy Shidler
2nd  Pam Nurnberger  Cheryl Putman            Shirley McCullough  Judy Cross
3rd   Allie Enos  Colleen Austin                        Nancee Ludwick  Barbara Worden
4th   Virginia Merriman  Marilyn Rotman     Mati Gomoll  JoAnn Miller


Sent Along by Jerry Deren, 1st VP  2017 08 04

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SK Shufflers, Like AZ Shufflers, Like Their Boards Fast!! Other Canadian Shufflers Like Their Courts Not that Fast!!

David and Glenna Earle

I publish this article now (2017 08 04) as a result of an “observation” from our most respected contributor, our most respected Golden Cue Recipient; our most respected ISA HOF Inductee; our most respected CNSA HOF Inductee; to be our most respected FSA HOF Inductee on 2018 01 15; AND our most respected on stage performer!!  Just a note of explanation with regard to the “performer” aspect.  David and Glenna have “that down east intuitive/instinctive ability when it comes to musical ability!!”  Probably the best example of this was their contribution on our Cruise  during our very first IP (Inter Provincial) Tournament.  I am now inserting a pdf file which tells us a good deal about the Earles. At the bottom of the 2nd page, you will find a pic of David and Glenna “on stage”!   Introduction of the Earles CNSA[1]   Glenna in reporting on the 5th CNSA IP in Moose Jaw SK was “taken” to be polite, by the speed and unpredictability of the Moose Jaw Courts!!  Her observations caused me to recall an article I had written when wintering in Apache Junction, AZ. Arizona Florida Comparison up 2017 08 03    PLEASE MAKE NO MISTAKE; AZ shufflers, and I am sure SK shufflers, work hard to keep their “Boards” fast!  In speaking of this topic I often recall a conversation I had with Al Wilson who also spent some time shuffling in AZ.   We were both shuffling in Blackstock ON at the time. We reminisced about AZs fast Boards > and agreed that while it was a challenge; it was an experience we both had enjoyed, an experience we would remember for ever!!

Stan McCormack.  2017 08 04.


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Harold Thorne Comments on the 36th ISA Championship!!

Darrell Stuart; Debbie Stuart; Doris Hanke and Harold Thorne. The Hendersonville Contingent!!

Harold Thorne Speaks: We regret that you did not receive many reports from Brazil, but we ran such a busy schedule that there was no spare time.  Up in the morning at 6 am for breakfast, bussed to the college to play.  No good Wi-Fi at the college.  Then, bussed to dinner and bussed back to the hotel.  Caught some sleep and did it all over again.

We did have some great tours at the end, two long days.  We were not allowed to go out on the town except in large groups, and there really was not much time.

The camaraderie among the players and family members was fantastic like it usually is at ISA events.  For Darrell and Debby Stuart, this was their first event and they surely enjoyed meeting the rest of this shuffleboard family.

The Brazil planning group and the many volunteers did a great job and need to be recognized for a job well done.

The real reason you did not receive stories might have been that one of our foursome said “What happens in Brazil stays in Brazil.”😇  Sent along by Harold Thorne WITH THANKS. Stan McCormack. 2017 08 03.  Click on any pic to expand.  No pic of Top 10 Women?????

Top 10 Men 36th ISA

Michael Hirsch in 1st on the left; Stefan Stadtmuller took 2nd. Men’s Singles

Fatima Alves takes 2nd. No pic of 1st place, Ellen Hansson.

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Thames Horizon Shuffle Club Mingles/Singles Tournament Results For 2017 08 03

Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club

19 Amateurs

1 Ed Coyne
2 Tony Vanden Hoven
3 Carol Brosseau
4 Gary Sorko
5 Rick Wehring
6 Moe Rooms

19 Pro’s

1 Glen Peltier
2 Bill LeMay
3 Linda De Vries
4 Elliot Arnold
5 Hubert Van Eerd
6 Katie Starzacher

Tournament Director Mary Button.  Sent in by Hubert Van Eerd.

Please do not forget the OSA Provincial Doubles Tournament at Blenheim beginning August 8th, 2017. Location: Golden Acres Curling Club, 430 Catherine St., Blenheim ON
Lunch Available
No On-Site Overnight Camper Parking Available. Suggestions:
– Wilson Conservation Area (8 km),
– Rondeau Prov. Park, or Wildwood Park (18 km),
– a small trailer park in Erieau (10 km).

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Posting by Jerry Deren re the State of Michigan Shuffleboard Events.

Shufflers Present for Ceremony

Jerry Deren covers shuffleboard “happenings” at Battle Creek MI.
His most recent event you may find here:   If you wish to read his other articles, enter the words Battle Creek  into the search rectangle, top right, and hit search.
On Tuesday, August 1st, 2017, Michigan State recognized several Very Special Shufflers.  Each was inducted into their Hall of Fame. Click on any pic to expand.

Ann and Walt Wedel

Larry Roan

Jim Miller

Jerry Deren

Jerry also reports, with regret, the passing of Shirley Curtis, the wife of Vern Curtis.  Go here to read the obituary:

Posted by Stan McCormack. 2017 08 03


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Please Tell Our Readers Something About the Facility in Which You Shuffle; AND OR the Shufflers!!

Colourful, Are They Not?

The Shuffleboard Facility in Brockville ON is, I believe, unique!! 

We shuffled there yesterday, 2017 08 02, and thoroughly enjoyed it!!   Check my link below to understand the basis for my comment. Have You Shuffled in Brockville Ontario

Stan McCormack, 2017 08 03

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Get down to this shuffleboard pop-up before it slides away…London England!!

It Works For Them!!

If you think that shuffleboard sounds like another bizarre, semi-antiquated sport that’s about to be given a hipster makeover at a quirky pop-up – you’d be 100 percent correct!
Shuffleboard involves pushing (not pelting – this is a gentle sport) discs along a lane, with the aim being to land your disc (also called a biscuit) into the highest scoring part of a triangular grid at the other end. Imagine a way, way less frenetic version of, say, hockey, with bits of boule and curling thrown in – or rather, delicately nudged in.
Clearly, it’s a low-energy sport, and thus can be played with a drink in hand. Perhaps this explains its popularity on cruise ships over the years, and also its recent resurgence in Brooklyn and Miami.
As ever, what’s good enough for US trendsetting cities is damn well good enough for us, too, which is why the London Shuffle Club Summer opened last month at The Yard, in (of course) Shoreditch. If you haven’t paid it a visit yet, you really should do soon, as the pop-up venue closes in September.
There are six indoor courts and two 22ft shuffleboard tables for you to master the art of biscuit-manoeuvring, and you can even stock up on pizza, cocktails, beer and wine as you’re playing. Sounds like our kind of sport.
The crew behind it are looking to open a permanent shuffleboard London site by the end of the year, but for now, the leisurely fun will come to a close on September 9.
Fancy more pop-up action? Here are the best summer food pop-ups in London.
Or if you want to do some actual sport, we’ve got you covered with our guide to sport and fitness in London.

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