An “Opportunity” for All Amateur Shufflers in Florida!! 2016 12 31.


We have 3 Great Opportunities for Amateurs to enjoy/compete in Shuffleboard Events in the immediate future!!  CLEARWATER; LAKELAND; AND WOODBROOK.    NOTE: Clearwater and Lakeland are open to all AMATEURS.  Woodbrook is open to only District Amateurs!!

Why do I describe them as Great?? Variety, proximity, celebratory status, prize money and enjoyment come to mind!!

With regard to Variety: The first tournament in Clearwater on Jan 2nd is ANY DOUBLES; you take your partner, male or female, and in this event, a FL State Sponsored Tournament, you will adhere to the FSA formal rules.  You know, 8 discs for “practise”; and then 2 out of 3 75 point games.  While this may seem to be arduous to some, the prize money will be “good”, especially since FL State Sponsors to the tune of $300.00!!  (Registration portion is on top of that!!)

NOT ONLY: Someone will take your picture IF YOU WIN!! It will appear in the PREVIEW!  The PREVIEW is the “bible” of shuffleboard and is available around the world!!  Talk about CELEBRATORY STATUS!!!

7 DAYS LATER, Jan 09th, THERE IS A NATIONAL TOURNAMENT at the Lakeland Club! I said earlier we would have variety!!  During the NATIONAL; you will play 2 out of 3 12 Frame games. This event is SINGLES, Men’s and Women, NON-WALKING. ANOTHER GOLDEN POSSIBILITY: Should you place 1st, (FOR THE FIRST TIME) in a US NSA Event, you will be presented the coveted ‘NATIONAL PIN”


THIS EVENT IS A “MUST DO” EVENT!! Heck; you get Free Lunch courtesy of the PARK; prize money is great > AND for this event, we follow a modified format, a format favoured by many Amateurs. Address of Woodbrook Estates is: 1510 Ariana St, Lakeland, FL 33803.   NEW SHUFFLERS, i.e. those who have never participated in a tournament: THIS IS THE TOURNAMENT TO LAUNCH YOUR CAREER!! Just ask Art Healy or Merrill Arcand!  You WILL NOT FEEL INTIMIDATED!! YOU WILL ENJOY!! Go here for details:

NOTE: I will post more articles right here WITH REGARD TO THESE 3 EVENTS!!   Come back and look in the top right for this article and others!! GOOD SHUFFLING AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Stan McCormack encouraging Amateurs To Enjoy Shuffleboard!!   2016 12 31 ENJOY YOUR NEW YEAR’s EVENT!!

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Happy 2017 From Stan and Lois.





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Larry and Ruth get a “Two For One”!! Wedding Anniversary and New Year’s Eve Celebration!!! 2016 12 31.



Larry and Ruth Brown Celebrate the 47th Anniversary of Their Marriage!! 

Ruth and Larry; Wedding Pix 1969, New Yrs Eve 2008OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey tied the knot on New Year’s Eve in 1969, which is, if my math is correct, is 47 years of “wedded bliss”!!  If you had not guessed, that is their wedding pic on the left.  Pic on the right taken by yours truly on New Years Eve in 2008; that is 8 freeking years ago!!!  (Neither has changed one bit!!!)  I can still remember Larry sharing with us a joke while walking back to their place in Pioneer Creek, following the Dance/Party: I’ll give you the Punch Line; You share the punch line with Larry, AND HE will share the joke with you!! Punch Line: “I Think He Knows You”

We know that all Shufflers, especially Shufflers of the FL Central District, join with The Shuffler in wishing Larry and Ruth Brown “Happy Anniversary”!!!

Larry and Ruth derive a great deal of pleasure and happiness from their involvement with Shuffleboard, and as demonstrated by “their 47 Years”, an equal amount of pleasure and happiness from the company of each other!!

You may wish to read this summary of the Special Evening that saw Ruthie inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame.  larry-and-ruth-brown-as-presented

Happy New Year!! & of course Happy Anniversary From All Shufflers, the World Over!!   

Stan McCormack 2016 12 31.








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The FSA Has An Opening on its BOARD. See Below! Submitted by Earl Ball.


The FSA Board has had a Vice President resign for health reasons and I know some of you are interested in a Board position because I’ve heard you talk about it.  I would guess they would fill the position with a temporary appointment but if you are interested, now is the time to let a Board member know.  The nominating committee consisting of Chairman Glenn Monroe, Phil Rebholz and Ray Buck are in the process of putting together a slate of potential officers for consideration at the Florida Shuffleboard Association winter meeting which follows the Hall of Fame banquet on January 16th.  If you are interested in being considered contact one of the committee members.  You can also be nominated from the floor.

The site of the Hall of Fame banquet and winter meeting is at Hawthorne in Leesburg.  Why not come to the banquet and see those being honored this year as well as those already in the Hall of Fame.  It’s a chance to get dressed up and see everyone else dressed up. (No; shorts and  t-shirt are not dressed up!!)  Take some pictures or make some comments and send them to Stan, I know he is interested in how fashionable shufflers can be.

Earl Ball 12-30-2016  (Correction, in red, sent along by Dave Kudro.)

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Orange Blossom Begins Jan 2nd, 2017!! After A Big Purse?? Come to Sebring!!!

IMG_0364 - Dan NobleDan Noble, Sebring Club President Speaks: The preparations for the Orange Blossom tournament which begins Monday, January 2, 2017 have begun.

George Rosema, shuffleboard chairman and Harold Comeau, last years shuffleboard chairman, have the courts in fantastic shape. New scoreboards have been purchased by our members, and installed for all of the inside courts and several on the outside courts have been upgraded. I think the players will be happy with the changes and upgrades they will find at the Sebring Recreation Club.

Another big addition to our club is a twenty two foot long indoor shuffleboard table that can be used by those waiting for their next match. I’m sure this will be a very popular way to spend down time by the participants. 

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A “Nice Read” as the Year Comes to an End!! “A Shuffler With Heart”!! 2016 12 30

IMG_0292 Larry and StanGus and Stan  200 2IMG_0290 Sharon Upson & Stan W.

I wrote the article below in 2006. I enjoy “looking back 10 years.!!  Pic of Gus and Stan added in March of 2016, the day Gus, with the ASSISTANCE of Stan, earned his 200th Point.  Gus will be inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame on January 16th, 2017!!

Stan is more than a good shuffler; he is a shuffler who reaches out to other shufflers, male and female.   That is Stan with partner Sharon Upson and Stan with Larry Brown after one or the other had told one of their “Stories”!!! And the 3rd pic is Stan, once again assisting ANOTHER fellow Shuffler, Gus Bondi, achieve a primary and substantive GOAL for Gus!!   Stan McCormack writing on 2016 12 30.

Stan had been interviewed by the Stamford Newspaper with regard to his “Perfect Record” in the 25th ISA at Lakeside, OH.   It was that interview that prompted this article.

THE SHUFFLER thanks the Mountain Eagle Newspaper of Stamford for the ideas expressed in this article on “Shuffleboard’s Tiger”!!  The newspaper reports that “Stan’s mere presence at a match intimidates the other competitors,” but for Stan, “Shuffleboard is all about the great people you meet on the Courts”!!  By now you will have realized that we are talking about Stan Williamson of the Northern District of Florida.  The article centres on Stan’s feat of a Perfect No Loss record achieved by him at the 25th International Meet at Lakeside, Ohio this past August.  Stan goes on to explain how competitors often become friends for life; the type of person who will drop over to see how you are making out in a match >> or just call you up at your residence.

Stan began shuffling in 1988 and has been on the circuit ever since.  The article quotes fellow shuffler Earl Ball referring to Stan as one of the games premier shot makers and play maker, adding that although Stan is a formidable opponent, he usually wins over his competition with his personality >> while beating them.  In 16 years, Stan has won 13 or 14 Masters Titles in the Northern District.  Twice he has tied for the Master’s title in the state of FL!! Also in the article Stan points out that he needs 40 points to gain entrance into the FSA Hall of Fame >> and goes on to point out that he will be working hard toward that achievement.

I have selected only portions of the newspaper article which I believe will be of interest to Shufflers. THE SHUFFLER would like to compliment Stan for ensuring local coverage in the media >> each of us should do a similar thing at every reasonable opportunity.  Stan (McCormack) of THE SHUFFLER.  2006 10 18.

Here too is an interesting article:

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Happy New Year Shufflers!! To Wind Up 2016, I Share With You Some Info. vis-a-vis Glenn Monroe!!! Comments Invited!!


Great Concentration! Great Form! Great Delivery! 

If CONCENTRATION is a factor, Glenn Monroe certainly is on the right track!!  It is evident that he is focused on what he is doing!!  It is evident that he is following the disc as he completes his delivery!!  The pic above of Glenn was taken during the Central District Masters, 10 years ago, 2006 03 25; Glenn was then a State Amateur, and as a point of interest, he lost only 2 matches during the 3 day tournament.   Art Shorts finished in 1st place for the State Ams.  The lady watching is Winnie Wells.

I am going to share Some Comments, Some Facts about Glenn that You may not have known.  And Some pix:  Do hope you enjoy as we approach 2017!!

Donna & Glenn 2014 03 16 Dinnerdonna-glenn-wed-pic-44-yrs-sep-12-2012


ED O'Neal pins Glenn Monroe Just a word about the pix:  1) Glenn and Donna as Dinner Guests of Stan and Lois.  Re 1st pic: st-patrick-visit-by-glenn-and-donna  2nd) Wedding Pic; 48 years on 2016 09 12. Pic 3) File is labelled “New Bike” , 2007 03 24.  Glenn continues to have an attraction for “New Bikes”!!  4) 4th pic is of Ed O’Neal “pinning” Glenn on the occasion of Glenn’s induction into the FSA Hall of Fame in 2015.  glenn-monroe-fsa-supporting-remarks-by-ed-oneal

To read the supporting remarks for Glenn’s MVP Award: 55-glenn-monroe-by-stan-copy

Revealing Article; Better Pic!! glenn-monroe-is-the-president-of-the-central-district-a-must-see-pic-of-glenn

glenn-monroe-very-young-for-facebookThose FOLLOWERS of the BLOG, who do not have FaceBook, may not have seen this shot of Glenn.


Glenn recently commented on an Article  by Glen Peltier wherein Glen (Peltier) expressed his view  on CALLING DISCS >                   In typical, precise, style, Glenn responded:

Glenn Monroe Speaks: I appreciate Glen’s vote of confidence.

First, let me mention the proper preparation of discs for tournament play. No new discs have a precisely vertical edge. Jim Allen tells us that the manufacturing process requires some small degree of angle to allow the disc to release from the mold. The newer discs are better than the first generation of Air Discs, but a small angle still exists. Most tournament clubs will, when seasoning a disc, bring that edge as close to vertical as possible. Failure to do so creates several problems, including a significant difficulty in judging the position of a disc.

Glen is correct when he states that the bevelled bottom edge of the disc can cause a careless observer to look under the disc, which leads to a false judgement of the disc. However, the greatest single error that I see in people judging a disc involves parallax. Parallax is the apparent movement of an object due to the angle at which it is viewed. To us, that means that you cannot correctly judge the position of a disc until parallax is eliminated. We do that by insuring that we are looking straight down the vertical edge of the disc.

There are two ways to approach that perfect viewing angle. You can, as Glen, suggests approach the edge of the disc from the rear until you have reached the edge or you can start by looking over the edge and slowing backing up until the edge of the disc just disappears from view. I personally prefer the second method because, with the first, I am always unsure that I have reached the vertical until after I have gone too far and have to back up anyway. Whichever method you use, the key is to look at the disc, not at the court, until you are satisfied that parallax has been eliminated, then follow that line of sight down to the court to make your call. Glen is right again – if you look at the court first, it is difficult to remove that first impression from your mind. Also, get your eye as close to the disc as you can and still keep it in focus. The farther you are from the disc, the greater the impact of parallax.

If you are having difficulty with this concept, try holding a crisp dollar bill or credit card vertically on a flat, level surface. Now look at it and move your head until the sides disappear and you see only the edge of the object. That is parallax eliminated. Let’s all make good calls!  

Happy New Year to All Shufflers the World Over.  Stan McCormack.  2016 12  30.

To view the article posted in support of the 2006 FSA Central District Masters:







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