Report form Ian Reiher of the Australian Shuffleboard Assn. AGM 2016 09 26

Australian Shuffleboard Management Committee for 2016/17 L to R - Lou Giovine, Pat Wiltshire, Marj Govett, John Korevaar, Ian (Fluffy) Wiltshire, Ian Reiher and Fay Giovine

Australian Shuffleboard Management Committee for 2016/17
L to R – Lou Giovine, Pat Wiltshire, Marj Govett, John Korevaar, Ian (Fluffy) Wiltshire,
Ian Reiher and Fay Giovine

AUS Malcolm CrowderAt the annual Meeting of the Australian Association held on the 26th September the following were elected to the Association Management Committee for the next year.
Malcolm Crowder decided to retire from the Committee and did not offer himself for reelection. Pic at left.


President and Secretary –    Ian Reiher
Joint Vice President – Fay Giovine
Joint Vice President – Ian (Fluffy) Wiltshire
Treasurer – John Korevaar
Member – Lou Giovine
Member – Marj Govett
Member – Pat Wiltshire

Ian said with the reconstruction of the Elanora shuffleboard courts and the refurbishment of the Coolangatta courts now complete the Management Committee is planning for a major recruitment drive for 2017.

It is hoped to bring the membership back to over 100 members.  AU Pauline Hoare

Stan speaks:  Sent along by Ian Reiher WITH THANKS!!  Ian and Marj will be participating in the 35th ISA Event in St Cloud, FL.  ALSO from Australia, and shuffling in St Cloud, will be Pauline Hoare.  Stan 2016 10 01

To See the Complete Player list as of 2016 08 28:

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The Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club of Chatham Wraps It Up for 2016. Sent Along by Hubert Van Eerd with thanks.

Thames Horizon 2016 end seasonHubertHUBERT VAN EERD SPEAKS:  The Thames Horizon Shuffle Club of Chatham, ON completed its shuffle season on Sept 29 2016 with a barbeque for members and spouses.

We played 18 league plays days and 4 Mingles/Singles,  all well attended.

Players are happy with the league play before lunch and hoss collar in the  afternoon.

We had 56 members for 2016.  All in all, it was a great season with everyone looking forward to the 2017 season.  

Greetings to all shufflers.  Hubert Van Eerd 2016 09 29

img_1575 img_1578 img_1577 img_1576


Click on any pic to expand.

The Thames Horizon Club did a FINE JOB of hosting a Special Event this summer to honour the Marchand Family: Click:

To read WHY AND HOW the CNSA honoured the Marchands:


Stan McCormack.  2016 09 29.

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Venue of the week: The London (England) Shuffle Club. Sent along by Bob Weber With Thanks!!

Venue of the week: The London Shuffle Club

The classic American game of shuffleboarding is taking Brooklyn by storm and is set to do the same here as The London Shuffle Club opens in Shoreditch in October.

Billed as Europe’s first shuffleboard venue, The London Shuffle Club will open to the public for three months at The Old Truman Brewery on 12 October and will be available for private hire.

The game itself is a mix between ten-pin bowling and curling and its appeal lies in just how easy it is to play, says the club’s founder, Grame Hawkins. He said: “We’re taking our inspiration from Shuffleboard’s recent renaissance in Brooklyn and Miami where it is seriously starting to take off in fashionable off-the-beaten-track warehouses. The game’s appeal is in just how easy it is, and it won’t take long before you feel like you’re good enough to go pro.”

Located on the top floor of The Old Truman Brewery, the space will have an industrial underground party vibe with neon lighting and Miami-style art deco styling.

Pop-up bar specialists Platterform will be on hand to serve up classic cocktails and Americana-inspired food.

The venue can be hired exclusively for up to 300 people.

Comment below to let us know what you think.


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We Bring Back Wonderful Memories of the Japanese Shufflers!! I suggest to you, that you just may wish to SAVE THE PIC!!

JPN President Expresses Her Appreciation.  From 3 Years Ago!!


The article below was originally posted on 2013 09 29 > THREE YEARS AGO TO THE DAY! WHAT A HAPPY GROUP!!  WHAT A PLEASANT GROUP!!  We send each OUR VERY BEST WISHES!!! 

This morning (2013 09 29) when I turned on my computer, in my INBOX was a gracious and wonderful thank you letter from Japan’s President, Yoshiko Suzuki.   It is letters such as these that fuel one’s desire to do a little extra.   It is very difficult to write a thank you letter in another language, even when you have skills in that 2nd language.  Thank You Yoshiko.

Yoshiko sent a along the pic at the top, a pic not previously posted.  It was taken during the 30 Year Celebration in 2009.  Note that Kosai’s sister was so excited, so enthused, that she could not sit on a chair!!  Yoshiko also commented favourably on my choice of music for the Slide Show, used in the original 30 Year article.  ” I can hear the Japanese music by the traditional strings, Koto.”  Yoshiko went on to explain that many Japanese Shufflers have found the site interesting, commenting on the article “Talk About A Great Shot”   and others.

I am now going to insert a Statement by President Suzuki with regard to the 30 Year Celebration. It was written in 2009 and was taken from the Booklet produced in conjunction with the Celebration of 30 years of Shuffleboard in Japan. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude and compliment the people who introduced Shuffleboard to Japan and have supported Japan National Shuffleboard Association for thirty years. 

This year each national member of the ISA has much stronger rights with the revision of the ISA constitution and a ring of friendship among countries has been expanded.  I would like to make my effort to increase the membership of the JNSA, and hope that more people join the events of ISA to expand the ring of friendship. 

On this special occasion, it makes me very proud to report the victory of the Women’s team in the ISA International Shuffleboard Tournament. 

JNSA President Yoshiko Suzuki.  January of 2009.”

Gus Bondi, then ISA President sent this letter to Japan: This letter was mailed to Japan (1)

I am happy to report that since I began the reporting leading up to the 32nd ISA, the number of viewings (of the Blog) by the Japanese has skyrocketed!!  I have access to the number of viewings BY NATION, but not by individual.  NOTE: To access all the Japanese postings, enter JPN into the search rectangle and hit search.

Stan McCormack.  2013 09 29.

Stan on 2016 09 29: To SAVE THE PIC, right click on same and then click on “Save pic as”

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Winter Haven of the Central District is “Set to Go”, Thanks to These Shufflers!!

More Great Work!

More Great Work! By More Great Workers!!



The Mayor Makes the Committment!!

The Mayor Makes the Commitment!!

The City of Winter Haven was going to redo the courts but changed their mind leaving the courts unplayable.  Click here to read the commitment by Mayor Birdsong Jr.

We rallied the troops once again (1st time was at Lakeland! to get Winter Haven in shape for the upcoming season.  A contractor painted new lines on all 24 courts on Thursday and we sealed in beads on Friday to save the day and the Central District tournament schedule.  There are 7 tournaments scheduled. 

Thanks so very much Earl for Your Part in this ACTION to ensure the Central District Schedule can go forward!! (click on pix to expand)  Stan McCormack. 2016 09 24 16:28   

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Shufflers Take Things Into Their Own Capable Hands to “Save The Fall Season”!! Sent Along by Earl Ball With Thanks.

This pic

Above we have Gabby(can’t remember his real name any more) who is the cross roller.  Everything revolves around how well he does his job; Buddy Allen was his relief man.  The others in the picture are Oscar Clarin who handled the “bug juice” job and Buddy Allen manning a roller along with Central District President Don Rood who drove up from Avon Park to lend support and wound up in the middle of the job doing what needed to be done.  Good leaders do that!


The Lakeland Shuffleboard Club has been waiting for the City all summer to start the court resurfacing project.  Club President, Dean Myklejord, attended the bidders meeting in early September and it became obvious the work wouldn’t start before January, at best.  What to do; the back courts aren’t playable!  Wring your hands and fret; no way!  

Time for action!  Dean rallied the troops and we all headed for Lakeland.  Nearly 20 of us sealed in beads on Friday and the courts are ready to go for a new season and we’ll get by in fine shape until the City can get the refinishing project under way.
That’s the good news! The other side of the coin is Winter Haven where the City told the Club they were going to refinish the courts but in mid-summer told them they had changed their mind and weren’t going to do anything with the courts.  Winter Haven hosts 7 Central District Tournaments; it’s a very important venue to us.  We hired a contractor to paint the lines, which he’ll do mid-week and we’ll take the troops to Winter Haven this coming Friday and seal in beads and be ready to start the season.  It’s amazing what you can do when your back is against the wall!
Earl Ball 9-18-2016
One picture is of the “crew” minus the picture taker.  (Pic below)

That’s host Dean Myklejord and John Houghtailing with the beading tube. 

Work Crew Minus the Picture Taker!!!

Work Crew Minus the Picture Taker!!!

I am guessing that Earl Ball just might have been the “Picture Taker”?  Thanks Earl for The Story and Your Input!!  Great Work Guys!! 

Stan McCormack, 2016 09 18 09:45


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London Shuffle Club to open soon; Kota Kinabalu deal for Hongkongers: Article from Post Magazine sent along by Bob Weber.

London England Club to Open October of 2016.

London England Club to Open October of 2016.

Shuffleboard may be back in vogue as new club is all set in open in trendy Brick Lane. What’s more, craft ales and cocktails will be served to players; Charlotte Travel’s Kota Kinabalu package is a bargain worth checking out.

s-courtscore-boardShuffling the deck You’ve probably never played shuffleboard, unless you’ve been on a cruise, and even then the likelihood isn’t high. Along with deck quoits and deck tennis, the game has been sidelined by more creative, and arguably more gratifying, onboard entertainment. The single shuffleboard court on a European cruise I took earlier this year was rarely, if ever, used, and the other two games were not offered at all. On my first cruise, 20 years ago in the South Atlantic, you had to sign up a day in advance for all three, or be faced with a dull lecture on penguins or Napoleon. Now, it seems, shuffleboard is back in vogue – at least in Britain, where the London Shuffle Club will soon open in the Old Truman Brewery, on trendy and tourist-friendly Brick Lane. Craft ales and cocktails will be served to players in smart, retro-styled surroundings amid potted palms, from October 12. Courts can be booked in advance at

We open in October 2016 and release the first batch of tickets early September. Courts cost £40 an hour, with no limit on the number of players – though we suggest 4 people for the best experience.  You can book for more than 1 hour and we also take group bookings –

If there are more than 8 of you or want consecutive hours, we’d highly recommend emailing to make sure you’ll have the best time with us.

If you want to take the whole venue then its doable, our limit is 250 people.

 Ever thought about a night of Shuffleboard? The chances are, probably not.  And that’s why you should come.

Setting up shop in a brand-new floor of Shoreditch’s iconic Truman Brewery, we’ve got 8 Shuffleboard courts, 2 bars and a food court serving the finest Americana and we’re open 7 days a week from 12th October.

We’ve got a custom made cocktail menu and more craft beers than you have fingers. Some how we even have prosecco served from a vintage motorbike and sidecar.

Come early to learn the rules and pass the time on our exclusive 22ft table Shuffleboard, enjoy a drink or two, hear some disco tunes and then hit your court and push some discs. Oh, nearly forgot…..doubt you’ve played Corn Hole have you?

Stan Speaks:  Just look what Jonathan and Ashley have given birth to!!!!  Not just in London England!!!  Chicago USA is under development by Jonathan and Ashley!!   Go here to read the Chicago Plan in greater detail:

Other similar clubs in the USA and Canada are NOW OPERATING!!   GO SHUFFLEBOARD GO!!   Stan McCormack.  2016 09 17 19:15.

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